Monday, October 7, 2013

Crazy Week!!

Dear Friends and Family,

This week has been insane.  I will tell you first off, that my companion is no longer with me.  He got a special call to be a DBC elder who take care of missionary housing and distribution, so he left early to do extra training.  It's good for him because of his knee problem.  He will get to drive now.  Right now I am in charge of the Wuh Dihp area.  It's pretty scary.
 I am in a tri-panionship with my Zone leaders, so the three of us cover two areas.  It's pretty strange.  There's a lot more stress on me, but if anyone can handle it, it's God, and he is on my side.

I will be getting a new companion this Thursday.  I am pretty sure I am staying in Wuh Dihp because my companion already left, and it's pretty rare to white wash an area. We will see.

We are getting sister missionaries in our area this Thursday, and we have to turn over all of our good investigators.  So sad.  But I'm happy for those sisters because they will have a jump start in this area.  We will just have to start from square one
One of my new companions is leaving this Thursday.  We had a pretty funny scare the other day.  He bought an airsoft gun and he was carrying it in his bag to give it to someone to send home, but he left it on the train! He freaked out  and ran as fast as he could after the train but on the way he dropped his other bag and some of his personal belongings went flying. Poor guy.  But luckily he found out his airsoft gun was actually in the bag he had on him.   Anyway it all turned out okay.

We haven't watched General Conference yet.  They don't stream it live to us we just watch it a week late. I'm hoping they have some inspiring words for us!

Mom, I haven't got your package yet, but I got the pictures and everything of Corey's family visit!  They were fun to see!

The mission area I'm in is really young so a lot of change is happening,  So it's going to be interesting.
I have to go!  Love you!

Elder Phillips

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