Monday, October 28, 2013

Busy Week!

Hey Mom & Dad,

I don't have much time to write this week.  I'm out of time I am sorry.  Tell everyone sorry.  I have temple day next week so my P day will not be until Thursday.  So no need to worry! I've included some pictures.

I have taught a lot of people here in Hong Kong.  We run into a lot of eccentric ones, they have the best stories   It is pretty interesting. We found a potential investigator this week for another mission area.  She believes her house to be haunted, she wanted us to "cleanse" her house of it.  She is not in my area so I'm going to leave the cleansing to the missionaries in her area :) Meanwhile most of the rest of Hong Kong is too busy working from sun up until sun down, very truly working themselves to death. 

Dad's Duck hunt has turned him... he sounds like such a hick right now, ha.  That's so cool that Amanda Poppe was called to Mesa, AZ. Tell our friends there to feed her dinner! The picture of all of you on your friend trip looks beautiful! 

Anyway that is all, next week will be longer:) 
Love Elder Phillips



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