Monday, October 14, 2013

Butterfly Theory :) New Pictures Too!

Dear Friends and Family,

 It has been a good week.  Lot's of changes.  I got a new companion and he was in the same MTC group as my last companion.  So he's still pretty young.  I thought up a theory of why they send young missionaries to butterfly.  This place is called butterfly right?  So it's like all these new missionaries come here in their cocoons, but by the end of their time here they have hatched into a beautiful butterfly...Pretty foofy theory right?  I thought so, too.

Being in a tri-companionship with two other missionaries was pretty interesting.  We were covering two areas so there were some scheduling conflicts, but I survived.  I'm just glad to be back with one other companion again.  My new companion's name is Elder Falk.  He is district leader so I think he will stay here for a long time.  We will see.  

We have sister missionaries in Butterfly now.  They stole all our good investigators!  Just kidding, I'm not mad.  But really it's a lot easier to find girls to teach than guys. They're just nicer.  

Mom I don't care what you think about my stylish clothes.  You're probably just jealous.  I was going to send you a pair, but now consider it undone.  (he is talking about goofy red pants he bought in Hong Kong :) 
We also got to watch general conference.  That was a great experience.  It's so much better as a missionary.  I was actually really enjoying it.  We got a new shipment of elders in who got to see it twice.  Once in the MTC and once in the field because they show it one week late here!  Pretty lucky.

I am going to send you a few pictures. 

One is with a family we ate dinner with last night.  The new sister missionaries as well as my new companion are in this one.

One of them is with a previous less active who is now again active in the church.  He's such a cool guy.  I'm not sure why he stopped going to church, because he has such a great testimony.  Hopefully he get's a calling soon.  He is awesome. 

 When I was in a tri panionship with this younger kid named Peter, who is an investigator.


One is new comp. Elder Falk and I.

Another is a pic of some old buses in Hong Kong.  We went to a museum about buses.  I know it sounds boring, but let me assure you just the opposite is true.  You would be shocked at the rich heritage of buses and their cultural significance in Hong Kong.


One is with my old MTC companion.  My new companion actually trained my old MTC companion.  And furthermore, my trainer was MTC companions with my new companion Elder Falk.  Pretty crazy.  He has had every companion I've had.  

Another is with a member named Tony.  He is wearing a red Cardigan.  He is another awesome dude.  He is in Tuen Muhn Ward but he really liked me for some reason.

Another is a picture of some steak.  This was two P days ago, I believe.  The guy in our apartment named Elder McCleary was going home so we celebrated his last P Day with steak.  Pretty awesome. 

There should be another picture with a youth in my ward.  He gave me his sweater and I gave him my suit and we took a picture.  His name is Timothy Chan.  Pretty awesome!

Got to go. Love you all!

Elder Phillips

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