Monday, September 8, 2014

An awesome baptism and an inspiring visit from Elder Rasband!

Area update - Elder Phillips is still serving in the same area (Po Fu Lam Ward), I think I left everyone hanging for a couple weeks after he had mentioned that transfers were coming. They came and went and he remained in his area, sorry about the delay.

Sept. 1st
Dear Friends and Family,

Yesterday our investigator Brother Yan got baptized.  It was so awesome.  He is deaf, so we had another deaf member baptize him.  The deaf member used Sign Language to baptize him, so it was so cool.  I will send you some pictures of the baptism in a moment.

For the baptismal service, Pok Fu Lam and Aberdeen Ward combined.  Between the six missionaries 3 people got baptized.  I never expected that I would teach a deaf person and help them get baptized.  Life is full of suprises. 

There is not much more I can add to what happened this week.  Just look at the pictures and see the result of everything we have been striving for. 

Sept. 8th
Dear Friends and Family

Again I am so sorry that I cannot give you the pictures of the baptism.  We had a last minute missionary meeting today and I forgot my camera!  Let me tell you about that meeting though.

Elder Rasband (Senior President of the Seventy) came to visit Hong Kong this past week.  He attended Stake Conference as well as this Missionary meeting we just had today.  It was a great experience.  I feel like there is real improvement happening in Hong Kong as well as the entire world.  I feel like the Church is starting to truly hasten the work of salvation.  Barriers are being broken down.  Maybe it is all in my mind, but I think the members of the church worldwide are coming together.  These were my thoughts this weekend as we heard from Elder Rasband and other speakers.  

Here is a cool story from this week.  So a while ago a missionary wanted to learn sign language, so he asked me to ask Sister Chan (the deaf sister) to buy some sign language books.  The other night, sister Chan bought them and gave them to us to give to that missionary.  I intended to give them to him at the "all missionary" meeting today.  However, I ran into an old friend named Elder Hafen.  He is familiar with deaf work in Pok Fu Lam and we taught him some sign language.  Afterwards he went to Macau and recently he contacted a deaf couple in Macau.  Then they introduced all their deaf friends, and now there are about 15 deaf potentials in Macau.  So as I talked with Elder Hafen, I realized we have these awesome sign language books that he could learn from because nobody (missionaries) in Macau knows sign language! They currently are looking for people who could potentially translate.  The deaf wave has spread to Macau!  I won't say anything too soon because we don't know what will happen there.  But we are all very excited.  

That is all I have to say today.  Love you all!

Elder Phillips

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