Monday, August 18, 2014

I will share the gospel all of my life...

Hello Friends and Family,

This past week was a pretty cool week.  Our investigators with Baptismal Dates are doing really well.  Mr Chan and Mrs Lee are our two solid ones right now. 

Move calls are this coming week.  I hope I get to stay.  Learning and teaching in Sign language has been a highlight of my mission.  I'm far from perfect at it.  But I know the Lord calls us in our weakness and qualifies us for his work.  The case is the same with Chinese.  Surely I have only scraped the surface of it.   However, I know that the things I fall short on will be made up for by God.
We have been finding some new people with potential.  All around it has been pretty good. I will share the gospel all of my life.  I know when I get home that my purpose is still to invite others to come unto Christ.  It is the greatest responsibility the Church has, and the greatest responsibility I will have.
I started studying Chinese characters a couple weeks ago.  It has been going great.  I feel like I am learning a lot.  I am on the quest.  It is kind of like becoming a Jedi in Star Wars.
Mom, I hear you are in Arizona.  I hope everything goes well with Lexi!  Send me some pictures when you have a chance!  Tell everyone I love them!

Today we are going to Monkey Mountain.  Do you remember how much I hated Cosmo (Uncle Derek's monkey).  This time I might actually get mauled by a monkey!

Love you all!
Elder Phillips

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