Monday, June 30, 2014

Good member missionaries are bringing about good success!

Dear Friends and Family,

I'm still working on replying to everyone's email.  Have patience with me.

So yesterday in church we had about 11 deaf people.  Many members saw it as a sign of things to come.  They are all talking big, hoping it will  turn into something great.  I believe it can.  I believe it's a big reason I'm was sent here. 

But of course, this is not the first time such talk has existed. Teaching deaf people in Hong Kong has come up many times in the past, and it had good success, but then it tends to die out.  So now, there are many "less active" deaf people in Hong Kong that are popping out of the woodwork. It is interesting to see. We want them to pop out and swarm to Pok Fu Lam Ward, it is the designated ward for the deaf. It's a gathering process. I hope we can keep them. Pretty cool how past Hong Kong missionary efforts lay the foundation, and missionaries after add a bit more to it. 

Many hearing ward members were a little bit surprised at seeing so many deaf people.  I hope it helps them realize what is happening.  I hope they will really learn sign language. With the growing number of deaf in the ward more members are learning it.  

Here's one thing I've learned on my mission.  Let me share it with you through a conversation I heard at church.  Elder Walter was talking with a member at church who was talking about times when she has seen missionary work bloom.  She is a member of a long time, and her belief is that success in the ward in regards to missionary work, is because of the missionary that was there.  Now here is what I've learned.  That claim given by the long time member is not correct.  Yes, a disobedient or lazy missionary will ruin missionary work in a ward, but from what I've seen, that is uncommon, missionaries work hard here.  What is always contsant in a ward, is the ward itself.  The members choose how much success they want their ward to have.  Pok Fu Lam is experiencing good success right now, and it is truly not because of Elder Grobeg and I. 

Anyway I love you all.  The World Cup is big in Hong Kong. Maybe America will win it this year. hehe

Elder Phillips

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