Tuesday, June 3, 2014

sweet miracles + birthday wishes = a great week!

Just this morning Sister Chan emailed pictures of Elder Phillips Surprise Happy Birthday Cake!!

Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you for all the birthday wishes!! It might take a couple weeks, but I'm going to try and answer them all! Here is a short update.

This week we taught some new deaf investigators. It was a miracle. We were leaving church, but then we called Elder Mikesell and asked where he wanted to go over numbers: at home or the church? He said at the church, so we headed back to the church. On the way back we saw Sister Chan and the Lee Family talking with a deaf couple. I finally got to see Sister Chan's finding techniques in action. I found out that Sister Chan doesn't take no for an answer. The husband was okay with coming in the church to meet with us, but the wife was a little more hesitant and said they had to go. But Sister Chan saw the compliance of the husband, and grabbed the wife by the arm (gently) and "helped" (pulled) her to come along. So she is doing it. Anyway, the deaf couple is named Mr Chan and Mrs Wong. They are the family lesson we had. They are meeting us again this Tuesday. Mr Chan has a bit of a Christian background, Mrs Wong has no Christian background, but they seemed to form an immediate friendship with Sister Chan and the Lee Family.

We met with a lady named Christy this week.  She is 30 some years old.  She has a super funny personality. She is in some competition for her work.  She has to make up a sentence and a picture of herself and they all vote on the winner.  Her sentence was: Ngoh siu yuhng fa leih laahng mohk.  In English it means something like: My smile will melt your deepest sorrow.  Super funny. 

We met with Jason, Ronny, and Sister Mak. Ronny and Sister Mak came to church. Jason met with the bishop last night at his house. The bishop had us come as well. He challenged Jason to become active again. It was pretty cool. 

Thanks again everyone!
Elder Phillips

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