Sunday, September 1, 2013

Trying to converse in Cantonese...let's just say it can be humbling :)

Dear Friends and Family,

I'm doing great this week.  My companion and I went to a spot we usually don't go to for finding people to talk to.  I discovered why we never go there, because we hiked up this huge hill amongst a ton of Buddhist monasteries and only ran into 4 or so people while we were there.  The monasteries were really cool.  In one of them we heard monks singing/chanting some of their religion's hymns as we passed by.  Very neat.  

My companion has a really bad knee problem sadly.  I feel so bad for him, but he endures it well.  He can't get surgery because the surgery will require him to be in a wheelchair for a year.  So his only options are do an online mission at the MTC or stay in Hong Kong.  Understandably, he chooses to stay in Hong Kong.  

Some people really praise my language skills and some just laugh and make fun.  So I just have zero pride now.  The other day finding we ran into one of our less actives and he talked to us for a while.  He just made fun of our Cantonese. Another guy we talked to did the same thing!  Even a lady at Circle K harassed us a bit.  So I just get humbled every day.  But it's all for the best.  This week has been good.  As far as missionary work goes, we did great.  Just got to keep it up.  

One day this week I was feeling pretty down.  Just feeling wimpy and inadequate to speak this language and what not.  But in our personal time at night I decided to watch the Joseph Smith movie.  I watched all the trials and struggles others were put through in order to help this gospel go forward.  And one quote hit me really hard.  It's a quote by Joseph Smith who himself suffered a lot of persecution and trials, it goes like this: "Shall we not go on in so great a cause?"  After I heard that I felt peaceful.  I felt something tell me that I was going to be fine.  I'm glad to be out here.  

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