Monday, September 16, 2013

Tired...but Happy :)

Dear Friends and Family,

I'm pretty tired this week.  A lot of good things happened though. We got to go to the temple for one!   So that was really good.  I didn't think I would get that many opportunities to go here, but I can go once every 9 weeks or so.  

The area is doing great. We have built it up a lot with the Lord's help.  We have quite a few investigators too.  We've met a lot of nicer people, and that's a real relief.  We are getting  a few baptismal dates set and we are really praying for the baptisms to happen.  This area really needs them.  It hasn't had a baptism in a very long time, but hopefully that will change soon.  

This coming up week is Mid Autumn Festival.  It's a big holiday here and people get with their families and eat moon cakes.  We are eating with a family from our ward so I may have some awesome food story to tell you next week.  

Mom & Dad,  I'm pretty jealous that you get to hangout with Jp and his family!  You should ask JP all about his mission so that afterwards you can tell me about it.  When does Corey and his family come to visit? 

The weather is getting less hot.  Some people say it gets cold here but I don't think it'll be that bad.  

To answer your question; my Cantonese is coming along really good.  People are shocked with how fast I'm getting it.  I still can't understand people perfectly but if I had to train somebody I could do it.  I've definitely felt so much help with the language.  But now that I know more Cantonese I can realize when people are insulting me and it stings a little bit.  On September 11th this random guy talked to us and asked if we were Americans and then added, I hate Americans, it was kinda sad... 

I'm super excited for the rest of my mission and then to return home.  I'm not missing it yet, but there's a lot of things I took for granted that I wish I hadn't.  You and Dad were great parents.  I bet you're great missionaries too!  

I will let you know when Lexi's  package makes it

Love you all!
Elder Phillips

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