Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I've recognized the power to change comes entirely through love...

Elder Phillips and Elder Groberg serving in the Pok Fu Lam area.

Dear Friends and Family, 

I do not have a lot to write today.  I wanted to share some things I have learned from the past week (including General Conference).  I definitely cannot write out all the miracles that happen and all the great things I have experienced.  Even in my journal I don't think I could record everything.

I've recognized the power to change comes entirely through love.  I loved a talk given by Henry B. Eyering when he talked about helping correct others through love.  We must show love before we try to correct someone, and show an increase of someone after we do so.  I've also learned the most powerful corrections are not given from people, but from God.  When a person realizes for themselves that they need to change something, they will have far greater capability to carry out that change.  

I also loved the man who spoke Portuguese.  He mentioned how to make the best decisions.  We must consider our options with the end goal in mind.  I think many great decisions can be made if we have a vision of the end.  The same is with the mission.  I've had some goals my entire mission.  Even if they seem unachievable from the point I'm at now, I believe changing or lowering them would lead me to not being able to fulfill my full potential.  

I also loved that awesome Scandinavian man who said that a trial is not a punishment from God.  He said when a trial comes we should see it as an opportunity to prove ourselves to Him, and nothing else.  Evil rains upon the wicked and righteous of the world.  Is it not punishment enough for the wicked that they deny themselves the eternal support of a loving God?  They cannot overcome their troubles correctly or find true peace without relying on God.  If there is one thing I know now, it is that.  Any trial is sent from God to be a blessing to you, not a curse.  

The last thing I would share is to ask yourself: "Is it I?"  Elder Uchtdorf shared a great talk about that.  We cannot expect mercy from God if we are unjustly judging others.  I know this gospel is true.  I love you all.

Elder Phillip

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