Monday, January 27, 2014

Chinese New Year!

                                           Pictures are from our P-day trip to see Big Budda

Dear Friends and Family,

I know I just gave you an update a few days ago, but here is another one real quick.  Today for P-day, we are going to eat burgers somewhere on the island.  Elder Falk was companions with my previous companion (Elder Woodburn), so we are going to go catch up with him and some other missionaries today.  This past Thursday we got an opportunity to go to the temple.  Fun stuff.

Upcoming this week is Chinese New Year!  It is on January 31st this year.  Every Chinese New Year, missionaries have a day to deep clean their apartment (exciting way to celebrate :) Our day will be this Saturday.  I just bought some cleaning supplies today so we are all good to go.

I think the work is a little less productive around Chinese New Year because everyone is celebrating.  I know most people in our ward are going out of town.  In fact, next week of church is only Sacrament meeting for an hour, and then everyone leaves.  Normally, an hour-long church would excite me.  But as a missionary, it means I just use that time to go street contacting! Yaaaayyyy.

In all actuality, I am pretty excited for the New Year.  I could be moving this coming up move calls.  They happen on February 13th, I think.  I really love the Butterfly area, but we will see what happens.  We are trying to have every missionary be in their area for an average of 6 months.  There is a lot of wisdom in that.  President Hawks compares this to the story of Ammon who said he would serve to death in the land of the Lamanites if necessary.  Our mission president's only warning was not to marry the Bishop's daughter if he offers us! Teehee :) ... (Alma Ch. 17...tells the story of Ammon)

Elder Phillips

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