Monday, February 17, 2014

New area and learning sign Chinese?

Dear Friends and Family,

This past Thursday, I was transferred to a new area called Aberdeen.  It is on Hong Kong Island, the southwestern portion.  It is a great place.  It is not as busy as the North side of the island, so that is pretty nice.  We take a short boat ride to get to our area because we live on an island called Aap Leih Jau. 

My new companion is Elder Mikesell.  He is a great guy!  I already knew him because he served with me in New Territories.  He left sooner than I did, and he is district leader her in Aberdeen.  We live with one other companionship which is Elder Walter (from my MTC group) and Elder Au. 

Yesterday in the Aberdeen Ward, we had four baptisms.  I was just glad to see it!  There are three companionships in the ward.  Two elder and one sister companionship.  Our companionship was teaching a deaf lady named Sister Chan.  So I am learning sign language.  It is Chinese Sign Language mind you, not ASL.  She got baptized yesterday and it was so great.  She has two little kids.  She has such great faith.

I'm super excited to be in Aberdeen.  I hope I can stay here a long time.  Great things have happened, and will continue to happen!  That's all for this week.  Next week will be my first full week in Aberdeen, so I will provide you with more details at that time!  Love you all!

Elder Phillips

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