Monday, July 1, 2013

Week four in the MTC

So I finished week four at the MTC.

On Tuesday we had a devotional from Janice Kapp Perry, the famous Mormon musician who wrote a lot of primary songs I think.  She had a great devotional we sang some songs together and she had an uplifting message.  The best part was when she told us how she and her husband met.  They were in a music class together and she played the clarinet.  They were about to perform for their finals and he was sitting next to her.  So the first line he ever said to her was this.  He nudged her and she was irritated because she was next to go up and perform.  But he said: "I was just thinking.  Those lips look like they were made for something a lot greater than just playing the clarinet."  And then as she was telling us this story he gets off his seat and kisses her in front of a crowd of missionaries.  It was pretty sweet.

We had a devotional last night.  The guy's name was Robert P. Swensen.  He has been involved in missionary work for forty years and he told us things he's learned from it.  My favorite part was when he said this.  "This is your mission.  It is your season to receive greater happiness and blessings than ever before.  Take hold of your season.  Don't let anybody else or anything control your mission."  When he said this I was reminded of my mission call.  And I knew at that moment that God personally wants me to go to Hong Kong and serve the people there.  I'm already so excited to be there.  One of my teachers is from Hong Kong and we ask him about it all the time.  I also met a couple of missionaries from Hong Kong and I will post the picture I have with one of them if this computer will let me.  His name is Elder Li and he's hilarious.  He's serving in Canada.

I've started to learn the value of my testimony.  It's the only thing I have that is truly unique about me (That line was also from the devotional last night).  My personal conversion story is so important when I am telling other people about this message.  We watched the church film legacy right now.  And there were THREE kissing scenes.  It was just too much.  Just kidding.  Yeah we all love the church films because they are so glorious in their badness that it makes them great to watch.  They closed the Provo temple for cleaning.  So sadly I won't get to go for a while, but it's okay.  I'm teaching four "investigators" this week.  We teach in only Cantonese so it's always a bit scary but we've been doing well.  It's as close as you can get to the real thing so I will take it! 

Above is a link to a story of two Cantonese speakers who are sisters.  I haven't watched it in English yet so I can try to understand the whole thing in Cantonese but essentially they tell the story of their conversion.  Their parents aren't members I think and I'm pretty sure they threatened to make them move out but eventually they told them to keep going to church! Watch it with english subtitles. 

Anyways I love you all.  Until next time.
Elder Phillips
Bei Jeung Louh

P.S. (warning...stop reading if you don't want to be grossed out :) Here's a funny missionary story. There is an elder in my residence who was using the bathroom.  He went number 2 in the toilet and dropped his keys in the toilet.  But the story get's better.  The toilet was automatic so he couldn't get off the seat or his keys would be flushed.  So he just sat there telling his companion what happened and I was just lucky enough to witness it.  I think he had to fish it out with his hands.  Fun stuff.

New Pictures :

 Above with my old roommate at BYU Henry Guajardo!

One of my buddies from BYU named Elder Swainston.
                                       Our district at the temple with the HK flag again.

This is with an elder from Hong Kong named Elder Li!

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